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Members of our Rhyl and St Asaph Angling Association blog can now add their own blog post.

First of all you need to become a member and sign up - just enter your email address and create a password. (Don't worry, we cannot see your password!)

Once in the Blog just click the ADD POST button to write your own post or you can COMMENT on any of the existing posts.

If you want your post to appear under one of the categories (i.e. Blogging Tips) click POST SETTINGS / CATEGORIES are click the one you want).

You can share your post on social media by clicking on the social media logos below. When you share to Facebook, the default setting will share to your own Facebook page. To share with our Facebook Group, click on the Facebook Icon, then on "Share on Your Timeline" (at the top) and choose "Share in Group" from the list. Type "Rhyl and St Asaph..." into the box and our group should appear. Add a comment if you want and then click "Post To Facebook".

Clicking the link icon lets you copy the web address (URL) of this blog and then share it via email, text etc etc.

You can also add photos and / or video to your post.

If anyone is a regular blogger and can offer us any useful tips / advice please tell us here.

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