January 14th 2021

Happy New Year to all our members. Let's hope this year and fishing season will be an improvement on 2020.

I look forward to seeing many of you fishing our river beats and stillwaters,
enjoying the excellent game fishing that you have as members of our Association.

Our first committee meeting of the year was held on Tuesday, during which we finalised
arrangements for the Association A.G.M. which will be held online
(for the first and hopefully the last time!).

You will shortly be receiving formal notification of the A.G.M., with details of how to join it online,
together with our annual newsletter.

Please make a diary note for the A.G.M., which will take place on
Thursday February 18th 2021 commencing 7:30 p.m.

I look forward to seeing you via Zoom!

Best regards and tight lines. 

Chris Porteous, Chairman.


The current situation in Wales is that angling is permitted as part of your daily exercise, however

you must not drive to go fishing, but going on foot or bicycle is acceptable.

Fishing in Wales during Alert Level 4

It is vital that all members avoid any action whatsoever which might bring our Association into disrepute. Neither I or my fellow Association officers wish to close our members' lake. Fishing is not prohibited and there are members who are able to access it by cycling or on foot.

Until further notice booking will continue through myself by telephone or text on 07970 216533.

The pertinent rules under current Welsh Government legislation are as follows:-

“Can I exercise by going fishing or horse riding?

This is not specifically prohibited. However, you must not drive to get to somewhere to exercise, and the need to carry sports equipment isn’t regarded as a justification on its own for driving in these circumstances. This will mean in practice most people cannot do these things while we are in alert level 4. All exercise must be undertaken alone or with members of your household or support bubble.”

“People with specific health or mobility issues may, however, need to travel from their home in order to be able to exercise.  For example, some wheelchair users may not be able to start to exercise immediately outside their homes for practical access reasons, and may need to drive to a suitable flat location, such as a park, for this purpose. In these circumstances the journey should be to the nearest convenient accessible location and no long journeys should be undertaken unless absolutely necessary. The need to carry sports equipment isn’t regarded as a justification on its own for driving in these circumstances.”

I sincerely hope that the “non-essential driving” ban will be lifted soon for the benefit and mental well-being of us all.

Chris Porteous


Revised rules for fishing Llyn Crud y Gwynt.

Welcome to

Rhyl and St Asaph Angling Association

Game fishing in North Wales for Sea Trout,
Wild Brown Trout, Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Grayling

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A new double-bank beat on the lower river Clwyd was acquired in February 2020, in line with the aim of our Association to provide a wide range of affordable game angling to our members.

The Rhyl & St Asaph Angling Association now controls 21 fishing beats for salmon, sea trout and wild brown trout fishing on the rivers Clwyd, Elwy and Aled, as well as a spring-fed lake stocked with trout.

These rivers are situated amid stunning scenery in the Vale of Clwyd and the Elwy Valley, North Wales. The Clwyd catchment is one of the most productive sea trout fisheries in Wales with regular catches of fish in the 5 - 10 lb range.

Some beats are reserved for members only and some are bookable to ensure there is no overcrowding. The Association also has a two acre spring-fed reservoir located in beautiful surroundings near Denbigh, stocked with rainbow trout and blue trout to 6lbs+. This is exclusively for members’ use.

We also have two bank rods for Llyn Brenig (fly only for rainbows) and Llyn Alwen (multi method) for trout and coarse fish. (Valid on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from January 1st - December 31st each year.)

A reciprocal arrangement with Llangollen-Maelor AA now also gives our members access to 10 miles of the River Dee (the Welsh Dee) for salmon, sea trout, brown trout and grayling fishing through the year. (2 rods bookable through Foxons Tackle). The Dee is one of the best grayling fisheries in Europe.

The club beats on these rivers and their tributaries offer some of the best game fishing in the area. They are well known for their sea trout fishing, or sewin, as it is known locally. Beat maintenance and habitat improvement is high on our agenda and for example during 2018 our working parties carried out 815 man hours of work on our owned and rented beats. (Thanks to the effort of our river keeper John and Richard his assistant).

In 2017 our members caught 495 sea trout (86% were released), 12 salmon (100% released), and 636 wild brown trout (100% released). 468 rainbow trout were caught in our lake, of which 450 were returned to grow bigger.


Sea Trout Fishing

Fly fishing for sea trout at night is, for many anglers, the ultimate form of wild fishing.


Sea trout are genetically the same as brown trout but they migrate to the estuary and coastal waters in search of food where they grow much larger than most of their river-dwelling brothers and sisters. Most returning fish are between 12oz to 2lb, but a good number around the 4lb - 8lb range are caught. A 6 or 7 lb sea trout would be regarded as a specimen and anything approaching 10lb a fish of a lifetime.


Our Association centred around St Asaph in Denbighshire North Wales has 20 beats on the rivers Clwyd, Elwy and Aled, each with wild brown trout and runs of sea trout and salmon.


Because sea trout are very shy, and the river you are fishing may be low and gin clear, it is important to wait until it is really dark before commencing fishing. Stealth is the watch word. No stray headlamp lights or stomping around the bank here. Moonless nights and warm nights with cloud cover are generally preferred and your eyes do become accustomed to the low light levels.

In the quiet of a river valley at midnight, your senses become heightened - every rustle in the undergrowth, the plop of a water vole entering the water, the call of an owl or fox - all these sounds at night seem to be amplified. This can take some getting used to but once you feel at home on a familiar river bank at night daytime fishing could seem tame!

You cast out to where you hope the fish will be, waiting to continue their upstream migration. Your team of two flies swings around in the current, nothing takes, so you retrieve, and re-cast, trying to reach as near to the other bank as possible without snagging. Four casts later and tawny owls are calling to each other and you're gazing up trying to find the North Star when something tries to snatch the rod from your grasp!


There is nothing quite like the sensation of your fly line suddenly tightening as a fresh run sea trout rips line from your reel, and, as often happens, performs a vertical leap out of the water, stopping your heart for a brief moment, adrenalin now pumping, before your fly is ejected leaving you a quivering wreck staring in disbelief as the surface of the pool settles down.

If this sounds exciting to you, you'll be pleased to know that membership of our Association is still open at a cost of £155 for the first 12 months (for adults of 21 and over). Age 16 up to 21 is just £30. Under 16's enjoy free membership.


If you've never cast a fly before our three qualified coaches can teach you. Best to learn to fly fish first at our stocked lake, and in daytime on the rivers before you venture out at night.


And some of our experienced night fishers will be only too pleased to accompany you on your first forays in the dark and welcome you to a whole new experience. If you take to it, I guarantee it's completely addictive and for you fishing will just never be the same again!


Chris Porteous


Rhyl and St Asaph Angling Association

May 30th 2020



........at Night


Regretfully we have had to cancel the official working parties in
2020 due to issues beyond our control.

Despite this, John and Richard, and some individual members carried

out 252 man hours of improvements on our waters!

If River Keeper John is able to set up formal work groups in 2021
we will email a request to all members as we are aware that many
of you are very keen to get involved. 



during the c-19 pandemic The Trust have been instrumental in 
lobbying the UK and welsh governments on our behalf


As an Angling Trust member you receive big savings on products and services from trade partners AND discounted fishing venues.

The £10m civil liability insurance alone is worth the annual fee.

Entry to Angling Trust only fishing matches, member newsletters, e-updates and members only prize draws.

Our Association is a Member of the Trust but many more individual members are needed in Wales. Moving forward we need the Trust and Fish Legal to represent game anglers in Wales and help us look after our rivers and game fishing - we do encourage you to consider this.

For more information speak to any Association Officer or click on the link to the Angling Trust website where you will see some of their campaigns on our behalf:-



Llangollen-Maelor a.a.

Our reciprocal arrangement with Llangollen-Maelor AA is for two of our members per day to fish their waters on the River Dee near Llangollen. 

Depending on close season dates, salmon, sea-trout, brown trout and grayling may be fished for until the end of August, with brown trout and grayling only after that date. 

Details of the beats and rules can be found on their website www.llangollen-maelor-angling.com/ 

PLEASE NOTE: Some beats are strictly reserved for LMAA members only.


Book Here

Including the fishing at Llyn Brenig and on the rivers Clwyd, Elwy, Aled and Dee, our members now have access to approx. 33 miles of bank fishing in North Wales.


Our Members' Llyn Brenig / Llyn Alwen tickets run from January 1st to December 31st.

Llyn Brenig is a top international fishery and we are delighted to offer this opportunity to our members at no extra cost.  Brenig rainbow and blue trout are very hard-fighting as they are raised in the lake and many grow on to a very large size!

We have 2 tickets on Tuesday,
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


Niall "Wally" Wallis with three cracking Brenig rainbows - total 7.75lb made third prize for Wally in the 2018 Brenig Christmas competition..

He also won a Scierra rod for catching the heaviest fish in the 2019 event!

OUR 2017

1-day & 5-day VISITOR PERMITS

Day tickets are available on a 1 day or 5 day basis.
They may be purchased at Foxons of St Asaph or online



The beat walks during the 2019 season were very well attended and much appreciated by those who joined our river keeper John on the river bank.

If any member was not able to join us on those days, but would like some help with the beats, please speak with any committee member - contact numbers are on the website.

Finally, a big "thank you" to John our river keeper for organising the beat walks in such a professional way.

The 2020 beat walks were postponed due to the pandemic. 

We sincerely hope that we can carry out some safely, sometime in 2021. Watch this space!


Please be aware that fishing is NOT PERMITTED in the area where the new power lines cross the river Elwy towards the lower end of our Pont y Ddol beat. Scottish Power are erecting warning signs to this effect - WE DO NOT OWN THE FISHING RIGHTS BETWEEN THE SIGNS. This is for your safety - the pylons are a wooden type and do not appear to be as high as the metal ones such as those at Bryn Polyn/Wern Ddu.