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It was a lovely afternoon up at Llyn Crud y Gwynt today - I was expecting it to be cold but in fact it was really warm in the sun and a few fish were even showing on the surface. I stayed on the sunny side to avoid long shadows on the water and managed to catch four rainbow trout, all in cracking condition - fin perfect as they say - and all safely returned from the net. Lost two as well - one looked a corker - hooked him close in and he threw the hook after a 20 yard dash!

They were all caught fished low and slow from the dam - de-barbed green gold-head damsel nymph - slime line - 9' Profil tapered leader - all purchased from a well-known tackle emporium in St Asaph (owners currently in the Bahamas not at all jealous).

The water was so clear today and Mr Swan came to say hello too. The birds were signing in the hedgerows (lots of long tailed tits) so it seems Spring really is on the way - we just need to get through this coming week according to the forecast.

Anyway, tipping my cap to a well-known TV angler "They don't half go well here don't they!".

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