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Coming from sub-tropical Prestatyn I didn't expect snow drifts on the road to Prion! Turned out to be a nice day, dull at first and 11 degrees C. but the water wasn't as crystal clear as last time and still pretty cold from the melting snow. The fishing was slow to begin, I started with a three fly cast which I don't usually at Crud y Gwynt. The combination of the three flies and my intermediate line meant I was dragging bits of weed up every cast. I removed the droppers and tied on a lure and the first takes came about 1 o'clock. They were nipping at the lure but missing the hook so I changed to a smaller tadpole type lure, black and green with a bit of holographic green fritz tied in. I put out a short cast and sat down with a coffee and without any retrieve the first fish was on and then released without it leaving the water. Another two followed to the same lure, but these must have followed deep and took as the rod tip was lifting at the end of the very slow retrieve. All three fish almost identical 16" and safely released without being lifted out.

So another pleasant Sunday afternoon in Prion. Good conversation too with a fellow angler, putting the fishing world to right and then home for an Aberdeen Angus joint (from Aldi, can we advertise here?!).

Next stop Llyn Brenig on Tuesday.

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