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The trout fishing season on our rivers starts on March 3rd.

However we often think that it's a waste of time to get out on the river so early. The weather might still be cold and wet (but not all the time) and there are no obvious hatches of fly. But the fish will be there if you pick the right spots.

Anyway it's always a good idea to walk the river early season to see what changes if any the winter floods have caused. A good time for a bit of judicious "gardening" too, as long as you are very careful! Don't try over-reaching for that pesky branch when the river's in flood!

There is one factor that's in your favour early on - early-season trout will be very hungry and not as cautious as they might be later in the year. Now's the time to try nymphs, and a two-fly cast with pheasant tail nymph on the dropper and a gold head on the tail is a good place to start in the slower pools and runs.

So there's sport to be had early season, especially if we get a few warm days. And if you haven't taken advantage of our lake at Crud y Gwynt, where you can fish all year for rainbows, a trip to the river will help shake off the rust from your casting action!

And finally the good news for Nigel S - he can now fish from 12 A.M. on March 3rd as I've corrected the website countdown counter!

Tight lines.

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