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2019 is Year of the Salmon, but for us in Rhyl and St Asaph Angling Association every year's of salmon, sea trout, wild brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling!

So why not join us? If you are an angler or fisherman you already know why it's a great activity and one that will particularly benefit the younger members of society.

Teach a kid to fish, and they'll be happy for a lifetime...

For so many of us, fly fishing provides the ultimate escape from the noise of everyday life. Here are some reasons to join us or pass this superb sport on to the next generation:

Fly Fishing teaches PATIENCE.

In a world where instant gratification is everywhere, there is something about thrashing your fly line on the water, scaring every fish in the neighbourhood, that teaches you to be persistent. With practice, your technique will inevitably improve, and that makes it all the more rewarding when you finally land that first fish on the fly.

It puts YOU in touch with nature.

As our world becomes noisier, the need for detachment becomes greater. There is no better place to relax and re-centre yourself than to the tune of a trickling stream and a breeze blowing through the trees. It's a fact and a great shame that many children today have no connection with, and little or no knowledge of the countryside and wildlife. Yes you can learn about wildlife online, but how can viewing a video compare with the first time you witness the silent azure flash of a kingfisher just yards from you!

Fly fishing emphasizes self-improvement.

It can be humbling. Every fly angler knows that they must relentlessly learn from their experiences on the water. What patterns were working? Where were the fish holding? With every day out on the water, they will learn to make adjustments based on past experiences.

It is intellectually engaging.

The most effective fly anglers become experts on stream biology, and understand the complex workings of the ecosystems where trout are found.

This hopefully reminded some of you of the reasons you love fly fishing. So teach a kid to fly fish - neither of you will regret it. And if you can't teach that youngster, bring him or her along to one of our "Introduction to Fly Fishing" events and let our qualified casting coaches work their magic!

A success story: One of our newer junior members learned to fly-fish in 2018, then joined our fly-tying classes in November and is now catching trout on flies he has tied himself. He has also included Fly Fishing and Fly-Tying as part of his Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award!

The Rhyl & St Asaph Angling Association offers around 20 miles of salmon, sea trout and wild brown trout fishing on the rivers Clwyd, Elwy and Aled.

These rivers are situated amid stunning scenery in the Vale of Clwyd and the Elwy Valley, North Wales. The Association controls 18 beats, several of which it owns. The river Clwyd is one of the most productive sea trout fisheries in Wales with regular catches of fish in the 5 – 10 lb range.

Some beats are reserved for members only and some are bookable by members to ensure there is no overcrowding. The association also has a two acre spring-fed reservoir located in beautiful surroundings near Denbigh, stocked with rainbow trout. This is exclusively for members’ use.

We also have two bank rods for Llyn Brenig (fly only for rainbows) and Llyn Alwen (multi method) for trout and coarse fish. (Valid on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from January 1st – December 31st 2019)

A reciprocal arrangement with Llangollen-Maelor AA also gives our members access to the River Dee (the Welsh Dee) for salmon, sea trout, brown trout and grayling fishing. (2 rods bookable through Foxons Tackle).

​The club beats on these rivers and their tributaries offer undoubtedly some of the best game fishing in North Wales. They are well known for their sea trout fishing, or sewin, as it is known locally. Beat maintenance and habitat improvement are high on our agenda and during 2018 our working parties carried out remarkable 815 man hours of work on our owned and rented beats. (Thanks to the effort of our river keeper John and Richard his assistant).

In 2017 our members caught 495 sea trout (86% were released), 12 salmon (100% released), and 636 wild brown trout (100% released). 468 rainbow trout were caught in our lake, of which 450 were returned to grow bigger.

Full adult membership is £135 + one-off £15 admin fee.

Young adults (age 16-21) pay just £30

Juniors have a one-off admin fee of £10 but then it's FREE


The River Elwy - Rhyl and St Asaph Angling
The River Elwy - Rhyl and St Asaph Angling

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